The Making of Donald Trump

Cover Art for The Making of Trump written by David Cay Johnston

While building a brand and building a business are related, they are two separate things. Donald Trump successfully built a brand around his name, then he leveraged his personal brand to launch more than 300 businesses over the past 45 years.

Now a new book sheds light on how Donald built both his brand and his businesses. Penned by David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winning business writer who has covered Donald for over 30 years, it’s a revealing look at how the business mogul uses his deep understanding of governmental regulations and the legal system to win big in real estate.

In reading the book you’ll learn how he built successful hotels, casinos, and golf courses on two continents and helped turn around a failing public project under construction in New York City in the 1970’s. Understand who he’s chosen to date, how his wives and successful children fit into his life, and how business associates fare when they work with his companies.

"The Making of Donald Trump" is a fascinating story of a complex life and one you'll want to read cover-to-cover.

This book is currently on Amazon's best seller list.